Pathika offers collaborative and a proactive approach to sales initiatives for new product launches and top level brand recall with productive advertising strategies. Our planning and initiatives help developing our principal's for a better positioning with respect to quality analysis through stringent benchmarking.

Our product launch strategy includes delivery of crisp creatives, logos, managing social media platforms, evolving and involving productive engagement, content creation, PR initiatives and e-Commerce solutions. When it comes to our bespoke approach, we provide quality materials, packaging creatives and theme based novel art approach to ensure the growth of the product.

As a true representation and marketing agency, our consultants at Pathika could suggest and offer a range of our services including - PR Services, Digital Marketing, Consultancy, Representation and Brand marketing to ensure successful market disruption.

The entire range of services ensures that the product is taken care of at all of the avenues. The cumulative approach also ensures to reach the audience of varied interest, presence and availability.

If you'd like to learn more about how our launch strategies can make a positive impact on your brand, please contact us at

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