Our specialized team of Digital Marketing experts are the best in the industry. They have helped our principals get the optimum results in the shortest timelines.


If you want to seize the upside of disruption using a cross-platform approach with latest technology as an external influencer whilst putting up videos at the heart of your campaign - Pathika Representation will surely exceed your expectations. We truly and positively address the buzzword "disruption" which is otherwise perceived as commotion or unstable noise.

At Pathika, we develop the digital marketing strategy not only to increase your customer base but to give you a better recognition in the region. Our expert team can also manage your PPC and SEO roles substantiated with performance reports to assess achievements against goals. Our data driven thinking approach is unparalleled in the segment which is further complimented by a strong knowledge of the travel domain.

We address the audiences in different age groups, geo locations, interests etc. Our core is defined and identified in - creation of digital strategy, blog management, content creation, social media management and crisp reporting.

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